Visual Studio ALM Community Widgets


Based on popular demand, the Visual Studio ALM Rangers  have restarted a list of cool, productive and recommended community widgets for Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server.

The list on will be updated monthly.







Team Foundation Sidekicks Administration Attrice Corporation Free Team Foundation Sidekicks is a suite of tools for Microsoft Team Foundation Server administrators. DOWNLOAD
TFS Administration Tool Administration Community Free The TFS Administration Tool allows TFS administrators to manage user permissions on TFS, SharePoint and Reporting Services DOWNLOAD
TFS Administrators Toolkit for VS 2013 Administration Mattias Sköld Free A collection of tools to assist the TFS Administrator DOWNLOAD
TFS Event Manager Administration Jelle Druyts Free Allows you to manage Team Foundation Server event subscriptions as well as help troubleshoot event job processing. DOWNLOAD
TFS Power Tools Administration Microsoft Free Power Tools are a set of enhancements, tools, and command-line utilities that increase productivity of Team Foundation Server scenarios TFS 2010
TFS 2012
TFS 2013
TFS Storage Explorer Administration Jelle Druyts Free Allows browsing the Team Foundation Server (non-version control) storage for TFS 2013 or above. DOWNLOAD
TFS Team Project Manager Administration Jelle Druyts Free Automates various tasks across Team Projects in Team Foundation Server. DOWNLOAD
Associate Recent Work Items Agile Planning Jakob Ehn Free Visual Studio Extension that allows you to easily associate changeset with your recent work items DOWNLOAD
Flight Plan Board Agile Planning Robert MacLean Free An innovative visualisation project, part of the ALM Rangers Community and their continuous visualisation and technology research and collaboration initiative. DOWNLOAD
Task Card Creator Agile Planning Community Free Small tool for printing task cards used for a Scrum board. Your Scrum board will be looking impressive. DOWNLOAD
Test Scribe Agile Planning VSTS Quality Tools Free Test Scribe is a documentation power tool designed to construct documents directly from the TFS for test plan and test run artefacts for the purpose of discussion, reporting etc.. DOWNLOAD
TFS 2013 Merge Work Items Event Handler Agile Planning Jakob Ehn Free TFS Server Plugin that automatically associate merged changesets with the associate work items from the merged branches DOWNLOAD
TFS Aggregator Agile Planning Community Free Server side plugin for TFS that enables dynamic calculation of field values in TFS. (For example: Dev work + Test Work = Total Work). DOWNLOAD
TFS Kanban Tabular Model Agile Planning Jeff Levinson Free report on Kanban data through Excel Services or Power View and makes the data accessible outside of Team Foundation Server. DOWNLOAD
TFS Work Item Manager and TFS Project Dashboard Agile Planning Telerik Free Work item and Project Management Dashboard DOWNLOAD
TFS Workbench Agile Planning Community Free TFS Workbench is a rich desktop UI providing access to your Team Foundation Server Projects for primarily managing work items DOWNLOAD
Work Item Field History Agile Planning Vinicius Moura Free Audits a specific field of a work item, showing only the revisions in which its value has changed. DOWNLOAD
Work Item Glass Agile Planning Pointe Smart Free Work Item Glass is an alternate client for Team Foundation Server whose target audience consists of those team members not in a traditional Developer role such . DOWNLOAD
Community TFS Build Extensions Build and Continuous Integration Community Free The Community TFS Build Extensions is a collection of workflow activities, build process template files, PowerShell scripts and tools for Team Foundation Build provided by the community. DOWNLOAD
TFS Work Item Morphing Migration Dharmesh_Shah Free Purpose of this tool is to perform “In Place Conversion” of data from one format to another. DOWNLOAD
MyHistory Productivity Michael Fourie Free Visual Studio ALM Rangers My History Team Explorer Extension DOWNLOAD
TFS Board Enhancer Productivity Tiago Pascoal Free Adds features to TFS existing task board and kanban board that can be used on a day by day basis making it use easier. DOWNLOAD
Code Compare Source Control DevArt Free Compare and merge differing files and folders. Ships both as a standalone file diff tool and a Visual Studio extension. DOWNLOAD
TFS Branch Tool Source Control Mattias Sköld Free Tool to automate branching task in the ALM Rangers branching guidance DOWNLOAD
TFS Workspaces Cleaner Source Control Jelle Druyts Free Deletes Team Foundation Server workspaces that have not been accessed in a number of days, along with their files locally on disk. DOWNLOAD
TFS Team Rooms Teams Tarun Arora
Utkarsh Shigihalli
Free Access team rooms inside Visual Studio. DOWNLOAD
TFS Team Tool Teams Mattias Sköld Free Command line utility to manage TFS Teams DOWNLOAD
Test Case Import Utility Testing Community Free Test Case Migrator Plus tool allows test related artefacts, present in Excel and MHT/Word formats, to be imported into Team Foundation Server. DOWNLOAD
News Other Tarun Arora Free Get Visual Studio Online news and updates inside Visual Studio. DOWNLOAD

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